Nitasha Sharma



  • PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, 2017

Research Areas

  • Dark tourism and post-disaster destination management
  • Heritage tourism and management focusing on authenticity, fantasy, folklore, magic and the supernatural
  • Ethics and moral behavior in place management
  • Sustainable tourism, climate change adaptation and resilience
  • Sacred geographies, rituals, and religious tourism

Selected Publications

Sharma, N. (2022) Faith, fear and well-being: Tourism and religion in a Covid-19 era (upcoming)
• Martini, A. & Sharma, N. (2022) Framing the sublime as affect in post-disaster tourism (Accepted in Annals of
Tourism Research)
• Zhao, X., & Sharma, N. (2021) Local perceptions and behavior of Chinese tourists at the tulip fields in the
Netherlands. In Chinese Outbound Tourist Behaviour: An International Perspective. Routledge, UK (upcoming)
• Sharma, N. (2022). The past, present and future of dark tourism in India: A postcolonial perspective. (upcoming)
• Sharma, N. & Rickly, J. (2022) Rituals. In Jafari, J. and Xiao, H. (Eds). Encyclopedia Of Tourism 2022, Springer,
• Sharma, N. (2020) Dark Tourism and moral disengagement in liminal spaces. Tourism Geographies, 1-25.
• Sharma, N. (2020) Interpreting the sacred in dark tourism in D.H. Olsen and M. Korstanje (Eds) Dark Tourism and
Pilgrimage. (pp. 25-37) CABI. Oxfordshire, UK