Joe Weber



  • PhD, Ohio State University, 2001
  • MA, University of Arizona, 1994
  • BA, University of Arizona, 1992

Research Areas

  • Transport geography
  • National parks
  • Urban geography
  • American West
  • Historical GIS


Courses Taught: Geography of Public Lands, Geography of National Parks, Urban Geography, Transport Geography, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, GIS for Transportation, Advanced Geographic Information Systems.

Selected Publications

Weber, J and M. LaFevor. 2021. Exploring Remnant Landscapes of Nevada’s Arrowhead Trail. Geographical Review. 111 (3): 437-457.

Weber, J. 2019. The three American wests. Professional Geographer 17(2): 239-252. Weber, J. 2018. The transition from folk to engineered roads in the Mojave Desert. Journal of Historical Geography 61: 14-26.

Weber, J. 2018. Route Change on the American Freeway System. Journal of Transport Geography 67: 12-23.

Weber, J. 2017. Continuity and Change in American Urban Freeway Networks. Journal of Transport Geography 58: 31-39.

Weber, J. 2016. America’s lost national park units: a closer look. The George Wright Forum 33(1) 59-69.

Weber, J. 2016. Yesterday’s Freeway Network of Tomorrow. Geographical Review 106: 54-71. Selima, S. and J.

Weber. 2014. The nature of urban growth and the commuting transition: Endless sprawl or a growth wave? Urban Studies 51: 544-576.

Weber, J. and S. Sultana. 2013. The Civil Rights Movement and the future of the National Park System. Tourism Geographies 15: 444-469.

Weber, J. and S. Sultana. 2013. Why do so few minority people visit national parks? Visitation and accessibility of “America’s Best Idea.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 103: 437-464.