Joe Weber



  • PhD, Ohio State University, 2001
  • MA, University of Arizona, 1994
  • BA, University of Arizona, 1992

Research Areas

  • Transport geography
  • National parks
  • Urban geography
  • American West
  • Historical GIS


Courses Taught: Geography of Public Lands, Geography of National Parks, Urban Geography, Transport Geography, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, GIS for Transportation, Advanced Geographic Information Systems.  

Selected Publications

Weber, J., and Selima Sultana. In Press. The Parks Belong to the People: The Geography of the National Park System. Athens: University of Georgia Press.

Weber, J. 2023.  The Origins of the Section Line Arterial Street Grid in Tucson, Arizona. Journal of the Southwest 65(2): 149-176.

Weber, J. 2023.  The Public Land Survey Landscape in the Intermountain American West. Professional Geographer 75(3) 452-462.

Sultana, Selima, Josh Merced, Ridwaana Allen, Gregory Carlton, and Joe Weber. 2023. Great Smoky Mountains National Park and its Missing Black Visitors: A Preliminary Analysis on the Hidden Architecture of Landscape. Southeastern Geographer 63(1): 15-35.

Weber, J. 2022.  Mapping Historical Las Vegas: A Cartographic Journey. Reno: University of Nevada Press.

Weber, J. 2022. America’s Lost National Monuments. Journal of Historical Geography 78: 55-68.

Weber, J. 2022. Diamonds, Cloverleafs, and SPUIs: The Geography of Freeway Interchanges in the United States. Professional Geographer 74(1): 102-114.

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