Lexie Thornton

Degree Program: MS

Research Areas

  • Coastal Geomorphology
  • Paleotempestology
  • Sedimentology
  • Dendrochronology


My research includes topics related to the impact of barrier island elevation and width on preserved paleotempestites for tropical cyclone intensity calibration across the northern Gulf of Mexico. This involves the testing and calibration of sediment (sediment cores) and dendrologic (tree rings) paleotempesite proxies. The goal of this research is to develop high-resolution multi-proxy records of tropical cyclone frequency and intensity in the northern Gulf of Mexico. This will allow us to recategorize tropical cyclone records, with geomorphology accounted for, so that we are able to directly compare each record to one another.

Research Affiliations, Groups, or Labs:

  • Dr. Yuhan Lu- Watershed Delineation Internship- 2021
  • Dr. Geoffrey Tick – Saltwater Intrusion Lab- Undergraduate Student Researcher- 2022
  • Geological Survey of Alabama- Independent Consulting Contractor – 2022~Present
  • UA Coastal Research and Extreme Events Lab (CO.R.E.E.)- Senior Lab Lead- 2023