David Phillips

Degree Program: PhD

Research Areas

  • Forest ecology
  • Stand dynamics
  • Spatial ecology


David Phillips CV (002)


  • BS, Environmental Science, The University of Alabama, 2019
  • MS, Environment and Natural Resources, The University of Alabama, 2021
Research Focus/Thesis Title: Longleaf pine stand dynamics

Selected Publications

Phillips DL, JD Goode, and JL Hart. 2021. Spatial patterns of stand structure and canopy disturbance in a fire-maintained Pinus palustris woodland. Applied Vegetation Science. forthcoming

Kressuk JM, JD Goode, AAR Bhuta, JL Hart, JS Kleinman, DL Phillips, and KG Willson. 2020. Composition and structure of a montane longleaf pine stand on the Alabama Piedmont. Southeastern Naturalist 19: 436-446.