Ashleigh Price

Degree Program: PhD

Research Areas

  • Facilities Location Science
  • Hazard Vulnerability and Resilience
  • Geography of Crime



  • MS, Geography, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2019
  • BS, GeoSciences, Virginia Tech University, 2015

Selected Publications

Price, A., Curtin, K.M., Magliocca, N.R., Turner, D., Mitchell, P. McSweeney, K., Summers, D.S. 2022. A Family of Models in Support of Realistic Drug Interdiction Location Decision Making. Transactions in GIS 26 (4): 1962-1980

Magliocca, N.R., Summers, D.S, McSweeney, K., Curtin, K. M., Price, A., 2022. Shifting landscape suitability for cocaine trafficking through Central America in response to counterdrug interdiction. Landscape and Urban Planning 221:104359

Price, A., Pathak, R., Magliocca, N.R., Guthrie, G., Kumar, M. Moftakhari, H., Moradkhani, H., Nodalnyak, D. Multi-Level Influences on Center-Pivot Irrigation Adoption in Alabama. 2022. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 6:879161

Magliocca, N.R., Price, A., Mitchell, P., Curtin, K.M., Hudnall, M. McSweeney, K. Coupling agent-based simulation and spatial optimization models to understand spatially complex and co-evolutionary behavior of cocaine trafficking networks and counterdrug interdiction.  IISE Transactions

Mitchell, P., Samsel, S., Curtin, K., Price, A., Turner, D., Tramp, R., Hudnall, M., Parton, J., Lewis, D. 2022. Geographic Disparities in Access to Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Across US Census Tracts Based on Treatment Utilization Behavior. Social Science & Medicine 302:114992

Price, A., Cochran, D., Raber, G., Hill, J. 2020. Evaluating Exposure to Coastal Hazards in the Supervised Offender Population Using Social Disorganization Theory. Southeastern Geographer 60 (3): 215-234