From the Adriatic Sea to the Alps: Italy, Austria, and Germany

students in the snow

This program began in 2012, and 200 students have participated. Course reviews are outstanding!

Students will enjoy three nights in Venice, three nights in Munich, and 12 nights in Innsbruck. While in Innsbruck, day trips are planned, including King Ludwig II’s castles (Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee) in Bavaria (Germany), Stubaier Glacier in Austria, South Tirol Museum of Archeology and Winery Tour in Bolzano (Italy).

Students can register for up to three courses, for a total of 10 credit hours (3–4 hours per course).


Three courses are available:

  • GY 207 Field Studies in Water and Climate (4 hours, approved natural sciences elective): focused on glaciers, tree rings, and water
  • GY 407 Physical Geography of Europe (3 hours): focused on coastal, alpine and riverine environments
  • UH 400 Special Topics (3 hours): focused on historic figures, including King Ludwig II, Otzi the Iceman, Giacomo Casanova and Tirolean History

Students will complete online material prior to departure or during Summer 1/2 to reduce contact time while abroad and maximize travel in the region during the Summer Interim.

The course is taught during the Summer Interim (“May-mester”), and students will depart the US on May 4 and arrive on May 5, returning to the US on May 23. Thus, students will return Memorial Day weekend in time for Summer 1/2 classes or internships.


Open to ALL majors and ALL classifications (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior).

More Information

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