Michael K. Steinberg

Michael K. Steinberg

Professor of New College and Geography

  • 219 Lloyd Hall
  • (205) 348-0490
  • mksteinberg@ua.edu

Office Hours

By appointment


Natural Resources Conservation Lab


PhD, Louisiana State University, 1999

Research Interests

Cultural ecology, biogeography, endangered species, remote sensing and forest cover changes

Selected Publications

Steinberg, M. K. In press. Through the Tourist’s Gaze: The Making and Meaning of Hemingway’s Cuban Landscape. Human Geography. 

Steinberg, M. K., and J. R. Cissell. In press. Beyond the photographs: What the imags of Hemingway’s fish don’t tell us. In Teaching Hemingway in the Digital Age, ed. L. Godfrey and M. Ott. The Kent State University Press, 31-41.

Steinberg, M.K. In press. Through the tourists gaze: Meaning of Hemingway’s Cuban landscape. Human Geography.

Steinberg, M.K. 2010. The importance of cultural ecological landscapes to the survival of the Bachman’s Warbler (Vermivora bachmanii) in the Southeastern United States. Southeastern Geographer 50: 272–281.

Guest Editor, Geographical Review, Avifaunal Research and Geographical Perspectives, Volume 100 Issue 2 , Pages 139–289, April 2010.

Steinberg, M.K. 2009. Highland forest habitat preference by endemic Hawaiian Honeycreepers: A preliminary assessment. Yearbook of the Pacific coast Geographers 71: 54–66.

Steinberg, M.K. 2008. Stalking the Ghost Bird: The Elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in Louisiana. Louisiana State University Press: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Steinberg, M.K. 2007. Marginalizing a vulnerable cultural and environmental landscape: Opium Poppy production in Highland Guatemala.  Mountain Research and Development 27: 318–321.