Douglas Sherman



  • PhD, University of Toronto, 1983
  • MS, Rutgers University, 1978
  • BA, Sonoma State University, 1975

Research Areas

  • Coastal and aeolian geomorphology
  • Sediment transport
  • Natural hazards

Selected Publications

  • Li, B., Ellis, J.T., and Sherman, D.J. (2014). Estimating the impact threshold for wind-blown sand. Journal of Coastal Research S170: 627-632.
  • Ryu, W., and Sherman, D.J. (2014). Foredune texture: Landscape metrics and climate. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 104: 903-921.
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  • Cappietti, L., Sherman, D.J., and Ellis, J.T. (2013). Wave transmission and water setup behind an emergent rubble-mound breakwater. Journal of Coastal Research 29: 694-705.
  • Farrell, E.J., and Sherman, D.J. (2013). Estimates of the Schmidt Number for vertical flux distributions of wind-blown sand. Journal of Coastal Research SI 65: 1289-1294.
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  • Sherman, D.J., Houser, C. Ellis, J.T., Farrell, E.J., Li, B., Davidson-Arnott, R.G.D, Baas, A.C.W., and Maia, L.P. (2013). Characterization of aeolian streamers using time-averiging videography. Journal of Coastal Research SI 65: 1331-1336.
  • Sherman, D.J., Li, B., Ellis, J.T., Farrell, E.J., Maia, L.P., and Granja, H. (2013). Recalibrating Aeolian sand transport models. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 38: 169-178.
  • Swann, C., and Sherman, D.J. (2013). A bedload trap for aeolian sand transport. Aeolian Research 11: 61-66.
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  • Perspectives on coastal and marine hazards and disasters
  • Measuring aeolian sand transport using acoustic sensors
  • Aerodynamics and morphodynamics of sand fences: A review
  • A new relationship between grain size and fall (settling) velocity in air
  • Dynamics of sediment storage and release on aeolian dune slip faces: A field study in Jericoacoara, Brazil