April Frake

Postdoctoral Researcher
Adjunct Research Association - Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, Michigan State University

Research Areas

  • Medical geography
  • Human-environment interactions
  • Land Use and Land Cover Change
  • Vector-borne disease ecology


April Frake combines empirical and theoretical approaches to examine multi-scalar impacts of global climate and environmental change on vector-borne disease ecology. Her work is highly inter-disciplinary and she regularly participates in international, multi-disciplinary teams. She is interested not only in producing quality research, but in scientific communication that influences policy, enhances community resiliency, and works to develop sustainable solutions to health-related challenges in the wake of environmental change. Her other research interests include food security, international development, homebrewing and the geography of craft beer.

Selected Publications

Frake, A.N., Peter, B.G., Walker, E.D., Messina, J.P. Leveraging Big Data for Public Health: Mapping Malaria Vector Suitability in Malawi with Google Earth Engine. PLoS ONE 15(8):e0235697.

Frake, A.N., Namaona, W., Walker, E. D., & Messina, J. P. Estimating spatio-temporal distributions of mosquito breeding pools in irrigated agricultural schemes: a case study at the Bwanje Valley Irrigation Scheme. Malaria Journal, 19(1), 1-21.

Frake, A.N., Species Distribution Modeling of Culex pipiens Mosquitoes: A Biosocial Approach. Papers in Applied Geography, 1-15.

Frake, A.N., Messina, J.P., Toward a Common Ontology of Scaling Up in Development. Sustainability. 2018; 10(3):835

*Grady, S. C., Frake, A.N., Zhang, Q., Bene, M., Jordan, D. R., Vertalka, J., Dossantos, T.C., Kadhim, A., Namanya, J., Pierre, LM, Fan, Y., Zhou, P., Barry, F.B., & Kutch, L. Neonatal mortality in East Africa and West Africa: a geographic analysis of district-level demographic and health survey data. Geospatial Health, 12(1)

*2018 IPUMS Global Health Research Award Winner