2019-2020 Colloquium Series

Date Speaker and Topic
September 25, 2019 Dr. John England
“Extreme Floods, Paleoflood Data, and Flood Hazards for Dam and Levee Safety”
September 27, 2019 Dr. Joseph Messina
“Precision Agriculture for smallholder systems in Africa”
October 1, 2019 Curt Hammill
“ESRI, the Company and It’s Mission to Support the U.S. Department of Defense”
October 11, 2019 Dr. Cadi Fung
“Understanding human-wildlife conflict among artisanal fishers, tourism operators, and the Amazon river dolphin in the Central Brazilian Amazon”
October 25, 2019 Dr. Thomas Cova
“Wildfire protective options and strategies for protecting residents in the most at-risk wildfire communities”
November 15, 2019 Dr. Scott Hemmerling
“Elevating local knowledge through participatory modeling: active community engagement in restoration planning in coastal Louisiana”
January 24, 2020 Austin Raney
“Improving Riverine Bankfull Parameter Estimation using Remote Sensing to Better Represent Flooding Precursors in Hydrological Models”Emily Schnarre
“Campus Infrastructure as a Barrier to Transit: A preview of a multimodal transportation study in Tuscaloosa, Alabama”Md Musfiqur Rahman Bhuiya
“Accessibility of  Movement  Challenged  Persons  to  Evacuation  Routes  and  Their Earthquake  Risk  Perception”Lydia Stanley
“Utilizing Google Earth Engine to map LULC change in correlation with local UHIs in Mobile, AL (from 2008-2019)”

Penelope Mitchell
“A Framework for Response to a Complex Spatial Problem: Optimal Placement of Interventions for Opioid Incident Deployment”

February 6, 2020 Dr. Timothy Beach
“Under the Forest Canopy: Prehispanic Wetland Agroecosystems in Global Context”
February 21, 2020 Ashleigh Price
“Spatial Optimization for Hazards and Crime”Javar Henry
“Water Quality and Storage Monitoring of Eastern and South Africa Great Lakes Using Satellites”Amber Chan
“E-waste in Ghana”Carly Jones
“Tree-ring Reconstruction of Streamflow Records within the Mobile-Tensaw Delta”

Carrie Schmidt
“Effectiveness of Protected Areas”

March 6, 2020 Dr. April Frake
“Scaling Irrigation and Malaria Risk in Malawi”