Jonathan Kleinman

Degree Program: PhD

Research Areas

  • Forest ecology and management



  • MS, Environment and Natural Resources, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 2017
  • BA, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 2013

Dissertation Title

"Floristic response to wind, logging, and fire in pine woodlands"  

Selected Publications

Kleinman JS, JD Goode, and JL Hart. 2020. Ground flora cover, diversity, and life-history trait representation after wind disturbance, salvage logging, and prescribed fire in a Pinus palustris woodland. Applied Vegetation Science. doi:10.1111/avsc.12541

Kleinman JS, JD Goode, JL Hart and DC Dey. 2020. Prescribed fire effects on Pinus palustris woodland development after catastrophic wind disturbance and salvage logging. Forest Ecology and Management 468: 118173.

Kleinman JS, JD Goode, AC Fries, and JL Hart. 2019. Ecological consequences of compound disturbances in forest ecosystems: a systematic review. Ecosphere ‚Äč10: e02962.

Hart JL and JS Kleinman. 2018. What are intermediate-severity forest disturbances and why are they important? Forests 9:579.

Ford SA, JS Kleinman, and JL Hart. 2018. Effects of wind disturbance and salvage harvesting on macrofungal communities in a Pinus woodland. Forest Ecology and Management 407: 31-46.