Davis Goode

Degree Program: PhD

Research Areas

  • Forest ecology
  • Silviculture
  • Disturbance ecology




  • MS, Environment and Natural Resources, University of Alabama, 2019
  • BS, Environmental Science, University of Alabama, 2017

Focus/Thesis Title

Dissertation Title: Ecology and management of mixed shortleaf pine-hardwood stands

Selected Publications

Goode JD, JS Kleinman, JL Hart, and ARR Bhuta. 2020 Edge influence on composition and structure of a Pinus palustris woodland following catastrophic wind disturbance. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 50: 332-341.

Goode JD, CR Barefoot, JL Hart, and DC Dey. 2020. Disturbance history, species diversity, and structural complexity of a temperate deciduous forest. Journal of Forestry Research 31: 397-414.

Goode JD, LM Brager, and JL Hart. 2019. Drought-induced growth response of longleaf pine in the Alabama Fall Line Hills. Southeastern Naturalist 18: 99-112.

Kleinman JS, JD Goode, JL Hart and DC Dey. 2020. Prescribed fire effects on Pinus palustris woodland development after catastrophic wind disturbance and salvage logging. Forest Ecology and Management 468: 118173.

Logan AT, JD Goode, DJ Keellings, and JL Hart. 2020. Microsite influence on woody plant regeneration in a Pinus palustris woodland following catastrophic disturbance. Forests 11: 588.