Austin Raney

Degree Program: MS

Research Areas

  • Fluvial channel parameter estimation
  • Remote sensing
  • Machine learning
  • Continental scale hydrology



  • BS, Geography (GIST concentration, minor Computer Science), The University of Alabama, 2018
Research Focus/Thesis Title: "A data driven approach to estimate fluvial channel parameters"  

Selected Publications

Peter, B., Cohen, C., Lucey, R., Munasinghe, D., Raney, A., & Brakenridge, G. (in-press 2020). Google earth engine implementation of the floodwater depth estimation tool (fwdet-gee) for rapid and large scale flood analysis. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters

Cohen, S., Raney, A. A., II, Munasinghe, D., Loftis, D., Molthan, A., Bell, J., Rogers, L., Galantowicz, J., Brakenridge, G. R., Kettner, A. J., Huang, Y.-F., & Tsang, Y.-P. (2019). The floodwater depth estimation tool (fwdet v2.0) for improved remote sensing analysis of coastal flooding. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 2019, 1–15.

Cohen, S., Raney, A. A., II, Munasinghe, D., Galantowicz, J., & Brakenridge, G. R. (2018). Estimating floodwater depths from flood inundation maps and topography.

Ji, Q., Raney, A. A., Janicke-Bowles, S. H., Dale, K. R., Oliver, M. B., Reed, A., Seibert, J., & Raney, A. A., II. (2018). Spreading the good news: Analyzing socially shared inspirational news content. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.